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Tanzania is a large country of great diversity. With a population of over 34 million people (and growing), composed of many ethnic groups; four races and two major faiths the country is now faced with a number of major economic and social challenges. Many Tanzanianís look to the future with a mixture of anxiety, fear and frustration, having seemingly lost the hope and ideals that energised the early years after independence.

Faced with a combination of old and new pressures, Tanzanians must ask themselves two crucial questions: Who are we? and Where are we going? A group of 40 mainly young Tanzanians came together in 2001 to explore some answers to these questions. This is the:
Tanzania Scenarios Project

The project seeks to provoke wide ranging conversations on the issues and challenges that Tanzania must face in the coming decades. Using scenarios - fables of the future - the project imagines three possible futures for the country: Yale Yale - a stagnant country in which nothing  changes, certainly not for the better; Mibaka Uchumi - a nation owned by Big Thieves who capture political power and economic resources for private benefit and finally, Amka Kumekucha - a future shaped by adversity but founded on the strengths of social networks and created by a shared commitment to respond with imagination.

We cannot predict the future, but we can imagine it. These three stories describe what might happen in Tanzania in the coming years. How will you prepare your family, or organization, or village, or town, or country to respond? Tanzaniaís future depends critically on the choices made today. These choices are being shaped by individual and collective determination to overcome fear, inertia and complacency. We, as Tanzanians, hold our future in our hands.


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