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TUTAFIKA: Imagining our Future - Tanzania

Tutafika - The Tanzania Scenarios Project

The ‘Tutafika - Tanzania Scenarios Project’ - is an initiative of the Society for International Development (SID), an international non-governmental organization. Part of the SID Future Search Programme, this project seeks to generate dialogue and discussion amongst Tanzanians on what future they would like to shape.

The project got underway in June 2001 and the project team met over five workshops held around the country to review and discuss the past and present and its possible impact on the future. Generating a clear shared understanding amongst the participants of those forces that have shaped the past and present, and possibly will continue to shape the future was important for the group to begin on the task of envisaging possible future paths that the country might take.

In facilitating such a project within Tanzania, SID seeks to contribute to the process of strengthening democratization in its broadest possible sense (political, social and economic) by initiating a process that will ensure on-going dialogue about the future of the country and its priorities through participation of and between the various stakeholders in the development process. To this end, the three scenarios that are the outcome of this project are being used to catalyze dialogue and debate at various levels in society.

The Tutafika scenarios were launched at a public ceremony held in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania on 14th May 2003.

A Swahili version of the Tutafika scenarios booklet and a research compendium are to be made public in 2004.

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