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The SID Tanzania Chapter was established in 1984 under the guidance of Amir Jamal, a Minister in Mwalimu Nyerere’s government. Amir Jamal was also the first Tanzanian to be elected to the SID International Governing Council. Dr. Amon Nsekela served as the Chapter’s first president.

Since its establishment, the SID Tanzania Chapter has accomplished the following:

  • 1989: The Chapter organizes the first “National Symposium on Globalization
  • Early 1990’s: the chapter becomes the largest SID Chapter in East Africa with over 150 members. Dr. Amon Nsekela becomes a member of the SID International Governing Council.
  • 1992: The Chapter concludes a funding agreement with the Freidrich Naumann Stiftung
  • 1993: The Chapter organizes a Workshop on Youth in Crisis. The proceedings of the workshop are published
  • 1994: The Chapter organizes a Symposium on the Constitutional and Electoral Law Dispensation for a multi-party political system. The proceedings of the Symposium are published.
  • 1996: The Chapter organizes a Retreat Workshop on the Challenges facing Tanzania in the 21st Century with the Centre for Energy, Environment, Science and Technology (CEEST) and the Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF). The proceedings are published by CEEST as a book titled Towards a New Millennium: Perspectives on Tanzania’s Vision 2025.
  • 1998: The Chapter organizes a Workshop on the Challenges of Globalization in Africa with Research on Poverty Alleviaton (REPOA) and RAWOO of the Netherlands. The proceedings are published as a book Local Perspectives on Globalization: The African Case.
  • 2002: Juma Mwapachu, past President of the Tanzania Chapter is elected to the SID International Governing Council, the third Tanzanian to accede to such a position.
  • 2002: The Chapter hosts the 23rd SID International Congress in Dar-es-Salaam. President Benjamin Mkapa opens the Congress.
  • 2003: The Chapter launches ‘Tutafika’.

The SID Tanzania Chapter can be contacted at:

SID Tanzania Chapter
Richard Kasesela, Secretary
P.O. Box 12351 Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

To send an email to the Chapter, click on the Secretary’s name above.

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