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TUTAFIKA: Imagining our Future - Tanzania

What is shaping our future – what do we know?

Five inescapable forces will shape our future:

  • The pressing demands of a population that is growing rapidly.
  • The inherent uncertainties of Tanzania’s rainfall patterns and the need for new agricultural techniques to feed the population.
  • The heavy weight of old and new diseases.
  • The powerful forces of globalisation.
  • The fact that most of us have few of the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly open and competitive global community.

New forces will also shape our journey to the future. Our world will be driven even more by rapid technological change such as the manipulation of information and the genetic code. Global politics will become local politics in such areas as environmental protection and the ‘war on terrorism.’ Within Tanzania, the state’s ability to deliver public services to everyone will come under great pressure. As a result, the social tensions driven by the growing gap between rich and poor Tanzanians will no longer stay under the surface.

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