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What is the Uganda Scenarios Project?

This website highlights the outcomes of the Uganda Scenarios Project – the third in a series of national scenario projects carried out by the Society for International Development after similar projects carried out in Kenya and Tanzania.

This project seeks to draw attention to and provoke conversations on the issues and challenges that Ugandans will face in the coming years. What is presented here is the outcome of a process that began in May 2002 and that involved well over 50 people drawn from different professions and backgrounds. Over an eighteen-month period, the project team participated in various conversations and investigations aimed at understanding the forces that have created the Uganda we live in today, identifying the forces influencing its future and imagining what future Ugandans might have to face.

The timing of this project in Uganda has been opportune given the ongoing transition process. Uganda is currently at cross roads, contemplating what method to adopt in changing its administration and leadership for the future. A number of issues and questions have arisen in this regard. Indeed, the big question facing us all today relates to finding the best way to deal with this transition. In the final analysis, whichever method is adopted is certain to have a lasting impact on the future of Uganda, its people and indirectly affect developments in the sub-region and beyond.

It is hoped that these stories will contribute to finding the answers to these questions, and guide processes leading to the most favourable outcome for the nation. Furthermore, in considering these stories, it is hoped that the awareness of Ugandans will be aroused and that they consider seriously the various forces that are likely to shape the future of their country. The likely consequences and outcomes as portrayed in these stories should arouse the people’s conscience and enable them make a constructive contribution towards shaping the future of Uganda.

In presenting these stories, the project team sought to make neither predictions nor forecasts. It is not certain that events will come to pass as the storywriters have imagined. However, they offer us a tool through which we can begin to measure and interrogate our actions as we move towards the future – a common future that we shall all share in.

The Uganda Scenarios Project was made possible by the kind support of the Ford Foundation and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo).

To find out more about the project and the project team, click here.


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