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The Society for International Development (SID) is an international non-governmental network of individuals and institutions, founded in 1957 to promote social justice and foster democratic participation. Through locally driven international programmes, SID works to strengthen collective empowerment, facilitate dialogue and knowledge sharing worldwide. In addressing issues from a multisectorial perspective, the Society emphasizes systemic and long-term approaches with a central focus on social and institutional transformation.

SID has over 55 chapters, 50 institutional members and 3,000 individual members in some 125 countries. Its Secretariat is headquartered in Rome, Italy and it also operates a Regional Office for Eastern Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya.

The SID Uganda Chapter, which has co-hosted the Uganda Scenarios Project, was founded in Kampala, Uganda in 1982. Over the years, it has had a chequered existence and is currently led by Hon. Yonasani Kanyomozi, Member of the East African Legislative Assembly.

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