The Stories Compared (5)


Ovago Vile Vile


Rope Bridge

Global Role

  • Their presence is critical to the success of the transition.
  • Underwrite a number of the programmes implemented
  • Strategic ally of superpowers. Provides vital bases and staging grounds in new global security paradigm.
  • Attraction as investment destination gives the country regional prominence
  • Go-it-alone foreign policy creates tensions with neighbours and within regional bodies
  • Retreats from star performer to pariah and is increasingly isolated
  • Regional antagonist

Who Benefits?

  • Uganda as a nation
  • The political and business elite
  • Those with access to power – segment of political and military elite

Who loses?

  • Warlords, Corrupt politicians
  • The rural poor
  • Opposition politicians
  • People in those areas not closely connected to the political/military elite

Whom do you trust?

  • My neighbour
  • My nation
  • Our institutions
  • My connections (local and foreign)
  • My ‘class’ allies
  • People like me
  • My kin
  • My patron
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