The Stories Compared (4)


Ovago Vile Vile


Rope Bridge

Origin of rules, nature of their enforcement

  • Rule of law respected, independent judiciary
  • Rules negotiated between key stakeholders
  • Externally shaped and driven agenda.
  • Arbitrary enforcement
  • Expediency; arbitrary enforcement which is based on calculations around private gain
  • Heavy-handed approach. Non-consultative

Boundaries of political decision making

  • Strong legislature, engaged executive
  • Devolution to the regions
  • Highly expedient. Mediated by political and commercial interests.
  • Concentrated within the executive, which maintains close links to external actors.
  • Mediated by private/clique interests
  • Legislature largely pliant to the executive

Global Finance

  • Investments in light manufacturing and in developing agro-business and service industries
  • Large quantities of FDI flow in to take advantage of liberalized regimes and newly discovered mineral resources for extraction.
  • Flocks in at the beginning to take advantage of liberalization regimes in place
  • As stability looks increasingly remote, investment begins to withdraw


  • Discouraged, tackled vigorously
  • Rampant within corridors of power. Tolerated to a large degree.
  • As national situation becomes more critical, increases
  • Rampant and largely unchecked. A key driving force


  • Their presence is critical to the success of the transition.
  • Underwrite a number of the programmes implemented
  • Donors pay for social programmes and some of the structural adjustment emerging from the liberalization process
  • Investors flock in take advantage of opportunities
  • Initially available, supporting social investments and infrastructure. Increasingly reduce as regime becomes less tolerant and as domestic donor concerns gain greater priority
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